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Straight out of Sao Paulo, Brazil, Luna Corazon is a powerhouse who lights up the scene wherever she is. She is a complete performer—dancer, stripper, and singer—delivering a triple-threat experience impossible to ignore. This brunette with a smile to die for says she is used to being naked since a very young age – both literally and metaphorically. Find Luna Corazon here at XConfessions, stripped out of clothes and prejudices.

This performer has been rocking the scene since 2015 and loving every damn second. If she could change anything in the adult industry, she points out that adult performers like her deserve more respect from the society and that black women should be given more main roles.

Luna Corazon’s porn movies are here to show you that being sexy, bold, and unapologetically real is where it's at. Welcome to Luna's world, where the vibes are hot, and the rebellion never sleeps.


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Have you ever paid attention to the sound of sex? Sometimes we forget the importance of sound, yet it’s one of the most powerful sexual stimulants. Luna Corazón says she would rather listen to porn than to watch porn. With that in mind, she was an obvious choice to star in ASMR, an indie porn movie that is a stimulating ASMR sex experience. In this Luna Corazón porn movie, Erika Lust will guide you through an erotic journey while you listen to the sounds of pleasure.

You can also catch adult performer at the Multiorgasmic Brunch, one of XConfessions most authentic Lesbian porn movies. With this fantastic porn, you can cum in a second, but you also learn new things about sex toys and the female orgasm.

To see Luna Corazón at her very best, watch her stripping at Chicazo. She is a girl who likes being watched, so what are you waiting for?


Dancing, Stripping, Modeling

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