Why use plain furniture when you can use human bodies to sit on? Material and immaterial realities blend in this movie exploring forniphilia.

Find out how submission, domination, objectification, and bondage intertwine in this production by Poppie Cox.

Sometimes you just want to surrender to the point of becoming a chair or a table, meant to be seen but not heard, meant to exist as a mere illusion with no feelings or decisions to make, meant to serve only.
Or maybe you enjoy the power play that comes with being sentient in a sea of non-sentient beings and deciding when they can go back to life, no matter what they think.
It doesn't matter if you prefer being dominant or submissive or both; in Forniphile, you'll get to experience every side of it.

This highly-stylized erotic movie plays with our concept of domination and submission. It questions our idea of objectification as bodies shift between a state of object and subject while desire flows smoothly between the two.

Cast & Crew

Director: Poppy Cox

Photographer: Hayley Austin

Performers: Bishop BlackSulema Vasquez (Drykettle)Kinky Panda

Erika Lust Erika Lust