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Kali Sudhra, a popular star, writer, and educator, was born in Tkaronto, unceded Indigenous territory within Canada's settler-colonial state. As a queer racialized actress, Kali Sudhra is committed to challenging white supremacy within feminism and amplifying the voices often marginalized in the adult industry.

Besides being a central figure in promoting the feminist pornography movement, Kali is a co-founder of Otras, a union advocating for sex workers’ rights. As well as starring in some of the most watched porn movies on this website, she is a passionate activist who firmly believes that sex workers should lead the feminist movement.

Her battle name, Kali, reflects her Indian heritage. Fun fact: Kali Sudhra, a Goddess herself, shares her name with the powerful Hindu Goddess Kali, a symbol in India's LGBTQ+ scene for transcending gender roles and norms.


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Erika Lust has directed and collaborated with many Kali Sudhra videos which have sparked essential conversations on once taboo topics. Today, she has gained star status on XConfessions.

Kali Sudhra's porn journey began with "Horngry" in 2017, her debut into adult filmmaking. Subsequent projects include the sex documentary "Female Pleasure Circle", Erika Lust's virtual reality film "360º of Lust", and "Volunteers Wanted" shot at the Berlin Film Festival.

Kali Sudhra porn movies like "Rituals" and "The Saree Shop", which she co-directed, showcase the actress’ intimate world, exploring sensual rituals and celebrating South Asian culture and sexuality. Kali Sudhra’s videos also have made her a renowned squirting queen. These explicit works not only entertain but also inspire viewers to embrace their own pleasure experiences, making Kali Sudhra a driving force in ethical feminist pornography.

Enjoy one of the most recent Kali Sudrah’s porn movies here on XConfessions, for free – “Dirty Martini Sex Party” is the perfect pansexual orgy, with a vintage aesthetic.  

Educator, Activist, Writer
The Intern: A summer of Lust

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