Kali Sudhra

Porn Actor and Performer

Educator, Activist, Writer
The Intern: A summer of Lust

Kali Sudhra is sex worker, writer and educator born in Tkaronto, unceded Indigenous territory in the settler-colonial state of Canada. She is dedicated to dismantling structures of white supremacy within feminism, and directly challenge gatekeeping of feminist spaces. The main focus of her work is exploring and presenting dissident sexuality, directly challenging white heteronormativity by using porn and various forms of sex work as a medium.

Kali has performed in a number of XConfessions indie adult short films & has earned a star status as one of the favourite, most watched performers on the site. Her first movie for XConfessions—which was also her first time ever performing in a porn film—was Horngry directed by Erika Lust in 2017 where she performed alongside Tyler NixonLuna Corazón and Anya Olsen. She then went on to perform in the sex documentary Female Pleasure Circle; Erika Lust's first virtual reality porn film 360º of Lust; and Volunteers Wanted directed by Ron Rex and shot at Berlin Film Festival. In 2020 she co-directed her first XConfessions movie Rituals: An Intimate Portrait of Kali Sudhra with Aleix Rodón and in 2021 she co-directed XConfessions' first South Asian themed movie The Saree Shop with Erika Lust.

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