Watching Him Come With No Hands

BY Honeybunny

I fantasize about being in a bedroom with my boyfriend. Just the two of us. Me sitting in a eames-chair in the corner of the empty room, except from a few sophisticated artworks, him being bound to the bed, with velvet-y cuffs, watching a porn-movie I choose for him. Watching this movie with VR-Glasses. There's a lamp above the bed, giving enough light for me to see his best piece. As he's starting getting a hard on. Beginning to drip, becoming so unbelieveably horny and not being able to touch himself. I won't help him either, just enjoying the show, beginning to get a really wet pussy myself. I want to see him cum, without touching himself, without me helping him. And I won't finish myself, until he comes. Painfully slowly, but with a long, deep moan of salvation. This is what gets me off quite often, to be honest.

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  • 123Moondog
    That's SO cruel!
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Regards Coupables is a french artist whose simple, clean-line illustrations express a sense of tongue-in-cheek sexuality that gets right to the point