Walk On The Wild Side

BY Delton
Confess Your Erotic Fantasy

It has been a long and successful working day for me. I signed a huge contract, had some glasses of champagne with my colleagues and now I am heading home to my wife. I am the king of the world and I do desire attention and pleasure.

I arrive home and my wife opens the door. She is sexy, but dressed totally different: like a man, like me. She grabs my tie and pulls me into the house. I just hear words that usually I say: I had a long day, I need a fuck, you look good, I love you. Then she takes me to the bedroom and I have to take off my clothes. She - as I do sometimes - already prepared my dress for the sex: corsage, high tights, wig, mask, short skirt, ...

She undresses herself till her sexy underwear - lays down on the bed and starts playing around. She looks at me while I am about to get dressed. Then I have to bring her a glass of Milk (damned difficult to walk on the high heels), massage her, suck her plastic dick, pull down my pantie to receive her...

Finally, later on I am allowed to penetrate her - all in her clothes and for her pleasure only?

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Pol Agustí became an art director for films, tv and advertising in Barcelona. Later on he moved to Mexico City where he is currently based, though he is mostly a nomad. His pictures are at the same time nostalgic and cheeky, full of love for life and people.

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