Twas Beauty That Tamed the Beast

by Singer#46

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Kimandi’s subjects appear confidently alive; he captures their energy by creating an openness and intimacy with them. Known for the extraordinary way in which he can capture the most private of moments, the East African photographer's spontaneous, intimate portraits offer the viewer new perspectives.

I've always been fascinated by the Tarzan books and films. A curious and savage man who finds a woman in the jungle and relies on her to guide him through the unknown. Though he is not gentle. He's animalistic with his hunger. I can imagine him smelling the pheromones seeping through my pores and feel his breath send goosebumps up my spine as he examines me. He tries to be the big man but I know what it means to control and let go. We are devouring each other as if it were the first and last time we'd ever have this experience. Mud cakes our bodies as we roll around and become one with nature. For both of us, we discover something about ourselves that we never knew existed - an innocent submissiveness for a beast like him and a power and confidence for a woman like me.

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