Stranger in a Crowd

BY hollywoodlovecoach
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After I read Anais Niin's Delta of Venus and Little Birds, I was blown away by the erotic thoughts that I had finally given myself permission to have. There was a scene she had described about being in a large crowd while she was wearing a short mini skirt and a man just reached right up her legs and fondled her. After a short while, he proceeded to enter her with his penis and nobody could tell or could care that they were engaged in any sexual activity. She barely got a good look at him. She just tried to enjoy herself and the stranger finished all over the back of her panties. The stranger left the crowd and she never saw him again.

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I’m an italian illustrator, based in the south of Italy. I always draw, since I was a child. Markers were my favorite toys. I love to draw everything and everywhere using everything that can make a sign on paper. I always have a sketchbook in my bag.

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