Seventh heaven

BY Ada Doreeb

I was listening to a song by Massive Attack “Angel”. And I had fantasy about angels who are falling from the sky for you. Angels are higher than you because they are closer to God. You are sitting on the seafront in a white lace dress like in Victorian times and looking on the sky of sunset colour. You are a lonely poor girl who wants protection. Heavenly protection. And an Angel is descending on the ground near you. He has curly brown hair that is shining and milky feathers of wings that are swaying in the wind. He covers you with his wings and gradually raises the pleat of your Victorian white lace dress. He is doing cunnilingus for you. Your hands are mixing in his curly hair because you are getting an orgasm and you are in seventh heaven.

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Based in Munich, this art-director finds in her pens and brushes the best escape from her daily corporate world. Her sketches, inspired by XConfessions, are made for colouring in. Yssa wants us to lose ourselves while filling in legs, breasts and ornaments.