Mother Earth

by Roxy Foxx

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Jacqueline Secor is a mixed media artist inspired by primitive art. Secor was born in the historical Gold Rush town of Placerville, California and grew up in Pollock Pines at the base of the Sierra Nevada Mountains. Growing up in an area full of natural beauty and historical significance has given her an appreciation for nature and our past. Secor relocated to Utah in 2006, where she received a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree from Utah Valley University; she now resides in Salt Lake City.

One late afternoon I am walking in the winter snow. After a time I can’t find the path under the snow and I am lost. I find a woman standing in an icy river and ask her how to get back to the path. As I talk to her I can see she is covered in plants. But she knows the way back to the path and follows me home.

Thinking she must be very cold I let her in to warm herself by the fire. She starts to undress as she stands by the fire and I can see that she is at least as much plant as woman, and I go to give her a towel. But before I can stop her she starts to kiss me and I put up a bit of a fight. However, I quickly give in to her soft and confident touch.

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