For a Legal Advice

BY Jarvis der Berater
Confess Your Erotic Fantasy

My fantasy happen just like that:

I knocked the door annoyingly. It was not in my plans to work on Saturday, but it was a favor that my mother asked me for. So, there I was in front of Mrs Elba’s door, who, barely showed her face, hiding herself behind the door and inviting me to get in.

With a forced smile I answered the courtesy and entered. It was at that moment that I was able to get to know Mrs. Elba completely, who surely is over 50 years old and 1.60 m, whose complexion she still did not know, because she was wearing a blue bathrobe. My thought was that surely Mrs Elba would ask me to wait a moment while she was taking a shower, or something like that,a situation that irritated me even more.

Nothing is further from what happened. As soon as I finished introducing myself and the reason why I was there, she ordered me to go to the living room and before I even took a seat, she said: -You're not here because I need a legal advice; You are here because I need to screw-

I was not allowed a reaction, ‘cause Mrs Elba abruptly threw me into the armchair. Without waiting any longer, while she was looking me into my eyes, she took off her bathrobe and grabbed her breasts. I discovered that she was wearing a white body-lingerie, which hid her huge breasts and bulging belly, natural signs of her own age.

- You want what you see, right? - She told me, although that rhetorical question was a sample of what she had planned for that morning. Without any possible answer, she was immersing my own face in the middle of her breasts, holding them in such a way that anyone could think that their true intention was to suffocate me completely. Her left hand was behind my neck so that my mouth caressed her breasts, still hidden under the body, while her right hand went to her pubis, which she rubbed it with relative friction.

My mouth had a need to bite those nipples hardened by the stimulation, so I rushed my hands to release that pair of breasts, when my initiative was censored by Mrs Elba, who told me: - no, no, no; You are here for my pleasure, not to do me what you want -

I admit that her words, and even more, her attitude, bothered me and I was ready to go and leave, but Mrs Elba did not allow it, because she returned me to the armchair with a push at the same moment that she also raised her right leg, so that, in one single act, prevent any step while she left her pubis in front of my face.

I appreciated the smell coming from her crotch and as instinctively I opened my mouth and began to kiss and lick her covered pubis, while my hands had the task to know the full extent of her legs, to finally park on her buttocks. My need was greater so I pressed more towards my mouth and I had no choice but to solve the set of pins on her body-lingerie and finally release her vagina. I found a pubis not completely shaved, but rather just cut and a crotch anxious to be stimulated. That was my priority, so I took the palm of my left hand and pawered uniformly, sinking in each attempt my middle finger to separate her lips and discover her clitoris, the next goal of my mouth.

I sank my lips without wasting any more time, and fortunately her clitoris came out, so I began to rove with my tongue, anxious to put it between my lips and suck it. Mrs Elba's hands, which at that moment held my head, suggested a movement, first soft and slow, to increase it each time. The stimulation of Mrs Elba's clit appealed to her so much that the marked rhythm soon became a frenzy, to such a degree that she could not stand it and climbed up herself to the armchair completely. Partly for comfort, but also for Mrs Elba's movements, I ended up completely pressed against the back of the armchair. As if she were possessed, Mrs Elba moved so fast and so tight against my face that at times it was difficult for me to breathe. Mrs Elba chose to hold on to the backrest and thus be able to move more frenetically. I held her by the waist, partly so she would not fall, and partly in case I ever needed to stop her wiggle and literally take a breath. Resigned to the role I was playing, I simply put out my tongue, to bend it and that Mrs Elba had a larger friction surface. I did not do more because she probably did not need more from me.

Motionless as I was, I hoped that in the next few minutes she would finish; however, before that happened, she got off the chair awkwardly, product of the spasms that her legs began to feel. There was no need to say anything, because she unbuttoned my pants, she lowered my boxers and with her hand she told me to lean back. He took my cock and began to masturbate me and give me a blowjob until it was erect in its entirety. Then she got on top of me to continue sucking me, and for me to keep her vagina point-blank. We both licked and sucked for a while until I decided to get up a little and support myself in my arms, so her buttocks hit my face. She licked until her anus reacted, so Mrs Elba adopted a movement in such a way that it drew her waist closer, and with it, her anus.

Dona Elba got up, and so, without further ado, my cock was inserted. So unnecessary was my presence there, that she continued to turn her back on me as she held on to her rhythm and will. The frenzy of a few moments ago appeared again and my cock disappeared so quickly until Mrs Elba came, just when her nails were buried in my thighs and her back bent, only to give a slow and final onslaught. If I wanted to finish and not stay with a tremendous erection I would have to put a bit of the initiative that I was not allowed during the whole session, so, just as we were, I took her by the waist, flexed my knees a little and began to ram her enough to tuck her in and end up inside her.

Mrs Elba took a few more minutes resting, when she got up, she picked up her blue bathrobe, put it on, and finally concluded saying:

- I noticed that you have a taste for the buttocks and for my anus. I could have let you screw me in the back, but you must understand that I wanted this occasion to satisfy myself and not anyone else. Maybe next time I'll let you do what you want. But for today we called it a day -

As soon as she finished telling me that, she left the room and went to her bathroom, keeping me there, without being able to say a single word. I dressed and prepared to retire, retracing my steps to discover how I ended up screwing with Mrs Elba, or, rather, she screw me there, and if my parents were aware of what was going to happen when they asked me to come and give her a legal advice.

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