Hello My Darling V

by Venus Libido

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Venus Libido is a female illustrator based in South East England. Her work is a reflection of her bitterness and irritation towards a male dominated society and issues that stem from mental health and being body conscious. She portrays images that are provoking yet comical, addressing and illustrating issues that are validating to those in similar situations.

Comments by Erika Lust

The words and image in this confession were submitted by our artist collaborator Venus Libido! A ode to self love and masturbation, what could be better!? I love the illustration so much, thank you Venus! x

I can hear you now but I couldn’t before
Your sound is soft and enters with ease

I am addicted, I plead for your return
I reach for you with forgiving arms

I can see you now but I couldn’t before
Your body moves in loops and whirls

You leave behind a footprint and I hope it stains
I want to tend to it and honour its past.

I can smell you now but I couldn’t before
You’re at the back of my throat starting to nest

You’re vast and infinite but I see a familiar face
I can taste your frame and its bulky and overflowing

You are my saviour and my place of release
I will tend to your call

My darling V I shall not neglect you not now not ever.

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