I Don't Give A Feminist Fuck

BY immanuelcunt

I am this this really loud, radical feminist (also sometimes allegedly got the looks for it with my dark, short curly hair and my piercings and tattoos) and I hardly ever give away thoughts about who might not want to fuck me because of that. But recently I had sex with a guy who kind of had a strange fascination for me. And ever since I am dreaming of this really tall, extremely sexy, jacked guy who just fucks me wildly. You know, rough sex with me being submissive so no one understands the world anymore. I really like to be spanked and tenderly choked, but no one ever dares. I want to dare them.

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Noelia's body of work is a mix of her own reality, wildest dreams and deepest thoughts. She finds inspiration in feminist culture through the lens of her own experiences and strong and sexually liberated female figures who are part of her life; often illustrating these ideas as witty monochromatic statements. Anthropomorphism is an important component of her painting work, creating a fantasy world to synthesize human and animal traits in allegorical-esque portraits and still lives.