Do you know what you are?

BY Mochi23
Confess Your Erotic Fantasy

Me: "Still no luck with the job hunt?"
Him: "Got some interviews, in the meantime, I'm helping my mom look for a place for her business."
Me: "Oh, what sorta business?"
Him: "She's opening a massage place. I don't get it."
Me: "Why? I mean I would love to be a customer if only she opened it in my town"
Him: "Huh really? You're weird, who wants to pay for a massage?"
Me: "Uh, me?"
Him: "Wouldn't you rather get it for free, like, from a boyfriend?"
Me: "Why not, it's cost-efficient. You know how to give a good one?"
He gave me that stare. The one he has every time he's suddenly turned on and can't hold it anymore.
Him: "I am not your boyfriend. Know your place, woman. Do you know what you are?"
Me: "I'm your personal whore, master."
Him: "Now why don't you start giving your pussy a massage, I know you must be aching for some, hm?"

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Photographs by Léon Braeckeveldt exploring sexuality and sexual difference without being sexist, where models are friends and random strangers. The result, work that shows that there is something raw and powerful about the sexuality of people who are not used to being naked in front of a camera.

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