Yoga Is Sexy

A Sexual Fantasy

— By Igoy

Picture this: I'm at my weekly yoga class, and my sexy yoga instructor comes close to me as usual to fix my postures. She ever so slightly adjusts my limbs to make the pose. I know that some of the other yogis are a bit off too but she doesn't really go to them. For some reason, she focuses on me. In one of those, as she is fixing my pose, I look up and it just so happens that my face is way too close to her face as she looks up too. We then stare at each other in suspension, and the tension is felt through out the room. Then it happens.. We begin to make out as we disregard the witnesses. We start to undress and bring our sweaty bodies together, and then, I enter my Yoga instructor. Namaste.. at this point, the entire class is watching. Some even masturbating to the act before them. As I thrust Into her, she reminds me, as the good yoga instructor that she is, to breathe. I inhale.. I exhale.. then I cum.