Yes Sir

A Sexual Fantasy

— By stonejones

My boyfriend and I were having a conversation in bed about fantasies, and he said he'd always wanted to watch me smoke while I jacked him off,
and he's wanted to see me in fishnet stockings, and tie me up and just take me, be the boss and fuck me good . As it turned out I had a pair of back fishnet stockings, black pumps & a skinny tie too.

So I put on the stockings and heels and started to suck his dick as he stumbled through rolling one, I lit it up and smoked real slow blowing rings in his face and jacking him off, I passed it to him and put him in my mouth just before he came. He went down on me right after, he's always been amazing at it, I almost blackout every time!

He was hard and excited so he grabbed some scissors and cut a hole at the crotch, bound me up intricately against the desk & put himself in me. He moved me from the desk to the piano and then up against the wall, he spanked me hard and put me up on his lap, and I rode him hard and slow.
We came together gasping and gripping each other, dripping with sweat.

A night I won't soon forget.