Work on Me

A Sexual Fantasy

— By Lenanita

My name is Elena. I am 21 years old student. I have a boyfriend with whom i have good, but not thrilling sex. A few months back I became obsessed with this older guy who I'm friends with. He builds bikes and such. The mutual sexual attraction was painfully obvious but never turned into more than lustful thoughts. I would fantasize about coming to his workplace after the shop was closed. We would talk, have some whiskey, get a little tipsy. Then he would come around behind me and start kissing my neck, playing with my hair. He would slowly start undressing me, not taking off his own clothes, just mine, piece by piece, kissing and biting and playing with my young body, the way it pleases him, and telling me how beautiful I am. My skin is beautiful, my shoulders, my breasts, my stomach is beautiful, my ass, my thighs. In my fantasy he then lays me on his workbench, ties my hands behind my head, I am fully naked, he is fully clothed. I feel exposed and nervous and painfully excited. He then starts caressing my body, biting my nipples and my stomach and the inside of my thighs, grabbing my ass, licking my feet, driving me crazy before finally starting to lick my pussy. I almost come, he gives my cheek a light slap. He then gets on the workbench, climbs on top of me, opens up his pants and puts his dick in my mouth, I suck with pleasure. He takes of his shirt.
I grab at him, desperate to touch his body. He pushes me down, turns me around and fucks me from behind. He starts fingering my ass, I start fingering my pussy, exstatic, this feels insanely good. I come. He turns me around, starts fucking me like this. Finally I can kiss him, see his face. He's grabbing me now, my ass, my nice firm titties, face close to mine, sweaty and warm, he looks into my eyes, hands on my neck. After he comes he kisses me, gets up, puts on his clothes, I lay on his workbench, panting and satisfied.