Work meeting

A Sexual Fantasy

— By Meg

I am in a meeting at work, I am the most powerful woman on the table. When I’m listening to my coworkers speech I feel something vibrating on my chair, very slightly at first. I am surrounded by gorgeous coworkers so I am starting to get my panties wet. I am wearing a black skirt. I move a little closer from the vibrating spot, but it stops without warning and is replaced by a tongue.

When I look down, I see a gorgeous female that I’ve never seen here before. Her tongue is perfect and I try my best not to show anything to the rest of the group. But one of the men in front of me is getting turned on by my little moans. He shifted on his seat because of his growing erection and drops his pen. When he goes down to grab it he can see this girl, giving me the best cunnilingus I’ve ever had. She is also wearing a skirt without any panties so he can see all of her and starts to masturbate himself. He sits back and we watch each other having pleasure while no one else’s notices.