A Sexual Fantasy

— By Lux Winchester

This is my story....

It’s Saturday night, my fiancé decides to have a boys night. I decide to stay in drinking wine and painting. Seeing I’m alone I decide to wear one of his t-shirts and hipster underwear. It’s almost 2 am and I decide to start putting away my paint and washing my brushes. As I stand by the sink washing the paint off my brushes, he comes home. But he’s not alone, he comes with his brother and 2 other friends. Embarrassed I run to the couch to grab a throw blanket to cover my bottom half. However, it’s too late they already saw me. My fiancé walks to me and kisses me pulling the blanket away from my body. The thrill of being pantless is arousing, as his friends stare at us. He lays me down on the floor never breaking the kiss.

Over-rushed with a feeling of confidences I take off my shirt leaving me in just my hipsters. His friends decide to come over and begin to kiss my neck while one of them kisses my upper thigh. The sensation is incredible: feeling like I’m on cloud 9. I moan softly as my fiancé slips his hands in my panties slowly brushing over my clitoris. Becoming wetter I beg for him to stick a finger in me. He listens, sticking not only one but 2 fingers as his thumb plays with my clit. I moan in Ecstasy.

He takes off my hipsters and opens my legs, he ducks his head in, licking near my vagina, becoming breathless I beg for him to eat me out. He decides I haven’t begged enough and continues his sensual torture. Finally, unexpectedly he begins to suck on my clit sliding his fingers in and out of me. He continues until I climax on his face. I had forgotten about his friends who were just watching, already naked hard and masturbating. He picks me up and and places me on top of his hard dick. The pleasure is incredible. His brother comes towards us from the side and puts his dick in my mouth. I begin sucking, clean and neat at first but once my fiancé begins to go faster I moan and my sucks become sloppier. I grab one of the firsts dick pumping it as I reach my high. Once I’m done climaxing my fiancé continues. Making me feel every inch of him as he pounds harder into me. I am in joy of this feeling. My fiancé finally cums deep inside of me sliding out of me. I still feel hungry for more.

His brother then replaces where he was. However, he props me to my knees and hands while he enters as I let out a moan, at that moment his friend places his dick into my mouth. The faster his brother went, the sloppier my mouth got. I began to play with the other friends dick, my fiancé sitting on the couch watching, while touching himself. The feeling is incredible, his brother reaches over me and begins to play with my clit. I squirm from the amazing feeling. Cumming all over his brothers dick, his brother pulls out and flips me, so I’m laying on my back. His brother then cums on my mound. His warm liquid slipping towards my vagina. My fiancé comes towards me laying on the floor and I know, my favorite part is coming. The joy of riding him, I love the feeling of control, but at the same time I love it when he pulls me down and fucks me hard.

I slide his hard dick into me as I begin to ride him he grips my hips hard. His right hand slides to my my right breast playing with my nipple as his mouth latches onto my left nipple. We always begin sex in this position but this time was different, it was erotic, his brother and friends watching us masturbating. Just as I feel myself getting close to climaxing my fiancé pulls me down, holds me tight and fucks me hard with no mercy. The way I always enjoy. As he gets near his climax he scratches down my back and pulls my ponytail, I am in heaven as I cum for my last time, after a few more pumps he pulls down my hips and moves slightly, reaching his climax. I roll over laying next to him, a few seconds pass and his brother and friends cum over my sweaty body.

I get up and walk upstairs to the bathroom where we would never discuss this but continue to dream about for days to come.