Why I love to cycle

A Sexual Fantasy

— By Karen Eliot

I’m a woman in my early fifties, and I’m a fairly serious cyclist. I use my bikes for both for sport and getting around, and to be honest, because I can rub myself off on the saddle.

I have a hand made bicycle I use to get to and from work, and it’s a one-off. It has a Brooks B17 ladies leather saddle that over the years has worn to the shape of my pussy. On hot summer evenings I ride the bike in a knee-length summer dress and no panties.

I feel each bump of the road against my labia as they spread across each side of the saddle. As the leather warms up, my lips soften and open, and the hard ‘nose’ of the saddle tip bumps my clit.

I’ve cum many many times while riding my bike knickerless, and now if you look carefully, you can see how my pussy juice has stained the centre of the saddle a deep dark brown, shiny with stories of fabulous, leg-weakening cums.