What quickies are really for

A Sexual Fantasy

— By lafilmgirl21

Working in film production can be hectic and exciting. But, oftentimes, it can get very boring. This is especially true if you're a production assistant. There are no formal responsibilities, and you're often waiting for instructions. These are the times when the mind wanders. Sometimes I look across the room at him. He's as bored as I am and sick of standing around idly. I imagine catching his eye. He'll look away at first, but looks back at me as I bite my lip unintentionally, already thinking of the possibilities. Suddenly we're both intently listening to our walkie talkies as the 1st AD says "ok everyone, it's going to be about 25 minutes until the next shot." Our eyes meet again and I begin to wander to the shadows of the soundstage. He glances around and follows me back behind one of the unused sets. Silence is key. While there's no one using this set, they're only one set away. He presses me up against the wall kissing me hard and urgently. His hips grind into mine and I can feel his erection against me. Our hands work quickly and silently to undo our belts and within seconds his fingers are against me, rubbing me, slipping easily against my wetness. There's no time. I take his cock in my hand and give him a nod. He enters me quickly and hard. All we hear is our breathing, trying as best as we can to keep quiet. But the pleasure is overwhelming as he pounds into me. We both finish, trembling, sweat gleaming on our necks and foreheads. He stays inside me momentarily until they call for me on the walkie. I respond to the call as he pulls out. I zip up my pants, adjust my shirt, tighten my ponytail, and walk out from behind the abandoned set, leaving him breathless behind me. Yeah. That would make a day on set more interesting.