What I've Always Wanted

A Sexual Fantasy

— By Redhead

We are set in a massage room. The decor is simple, serene, calming. I walk in, ready for my appointment. You leave me alone in the room to undress and get on the table, face down. While alone, you rub yourself hard. You walk in, clothed in nothing but tight, black undies, your bulge for all to see. You begin the massage, rubbing my back as normal, but your hand accidentally slides along my breast. Your cock brushes up against me. You rub my ass, getting a little too close to my forbidden area. Then you tell me it’s time to turn over.

You put an eye pillow on my eyes. You move to my legs and rub them down well. Your fingers tickle my labia, but you pretend nothing happens. When you get to my feet, you rub them for a while. Suddenly I feel something wet. You've started to lick them and suck my toes.

You move to my arms and rub the sore muscles. You grab my breasts a few times.

When you get to my hands, you rub the palms and fingers. Then you start sucking each finger with vigor, still pretending nothing out of the ordinary is happening. I stay quiet and allow you to do your work.

At this point , you can't contain yourself anymore and are straddling me. You suck on and bite my neck. You twist, suck, pull, and bite my nipples. You grab my wet pussy and gently slide a finger in. Then another. Maybe a few more. After that, we lose ourselves into each other.

When we are done, you get up, cover me with the sheet, tell me "that's all the time we have for today" and walk out the door.