Wetter Without

A Sexual Fantasy

— By wettygames

Since I can remember my body didn't need to be touched for me to feel pleasure, so I could come whenever my fantasy or a person next to me was sexy enough. I guess, I had as many "wet dreams" as a guy usually has. So, since I started reading about squirting, I was sure I could do that, too. My boyfriend then thought the idea was disgusting so it somehow left my mind. Ever since then my dream has still been to find out how far my body can go... starting by just being next to someone who attracts me, then touching fingers, touching lips, his fingers in my mouth, just hiding whenever it's possible without being seen until my undies become all wet and then we could continue. Perhaps we're on a train (at night they're very empty in my area) kissing, hugging, touching through our clothes until ending up at home, with real sex. Maybe I would just caress him gently first, with a tiny hidden toy inside me, just trying to make myself as wet as possible and getting me to my first real squirt.