Wet Ride

A Sexual Fantasy

— By WetAndHorny

I have always fantasized about having sex in public places, but one of my biggest fantasies I have ever had is this one... Going alone walking on the street on my way home, when it starts raining, first a light rain and then it starts to become heavier. I try to find a place to stay safe from the storm, but there seems to be none. I keep walking getting wet, when I suddenly realize the lights of a car coming. I stand where that car can see me and try to get a ride. A lovely young woman opens the door for me and tells me to come inside. She stops near there, and we are talking while the storm goes away, but the rain continues to pour. She asks me if I am not cold and offers me a sweater, but her kindness makes me kinda horny. And I come closer to her and kiss her. We start to kiss, and we end up having sex inside the car with rain still falling outside the windows...