Welcome to the cinema

A Sexual Fantasy

— By fd59

The theatre was almost deserted.
They were the only spectators to occupy two seats next to one the other.
With knees bets on the back of the seat in front, they let slide slowly and without malice on their seats.
Their arms rested down and along the sides.
He felt the back of his left hand touching, or touched from - he didn’t understand, her thigh veiled by lightweight stockings. The contact became less accidental, he slowly rotated his wrist and with the palm of the hand, going beyond the garter, he stroked her bare flesh. He went without haste to touch the panties elastic. She, slowly too, spread her legs and the hand of the man meandered over the cotton and touched her pussy already dripping liquids. She remained motionless. With his right hand he unzipped his pants and pulled out his throbbing cock. She took his left hand and guided it out of her pussy where meanwhile it had ventured into, she lightly climbed over the velvet armrest between them and stood on him making slip the cock to the hilt. And while on the screen the end credits had begun to slide, right on the word END, uncontrollable cum surges flooded the distracted vagina.