Welcome Stranger to My Christmas Decor Party

A Sexual Fantasy

— By sugarsugar12

I was on a trip to the US, and in my first week there I met a guy. He was that kind of guy that you look from a distance and think “oh my, if I could ever be with someone like that”. Well, turns out that guy came on to me and asked for my phone number, he wanted to take me out. So that night he picked me up and we just wanted to grab a few drinks, but we were getting along so well that saying goodbye just didn’t make sense... so he asked me to go with him to his family's house in the mountains as he was in charge of cleaning it up and decorating it for the holidays. We still hadn’t had sex and I really wanted to, so I said yes, and after pickings up the Christmas decorations at his apartment we started driving to the mountains. The moment we opened the door to the house he kissed me passionately, what I'd been waiting for the entire night... He brought me close to the fireplace and started the fire as it was freaking cold, and we started kissing each other's bodies slowly but fiercely and I was so turned on with everything, he was being everything I imagined when I first saw him. I think we didn’t even close the door, we couldn’t do anything else but possess each other's bodies. So we fucked for hours, without saying a word. We fell asleep by the fireplace and the next morning we started putting up the Christmas decorations. In my memories I see the light strings around his neck, I see him putting the garland around my naked hips and the ribbon on my breasts, us both dancing with the wooden little characters from the nativity scene, fooling around with the candy canes, feeling the wax from the candles...