Wedgie Wonder

A Sexual Fantasy

— By Yonica

My kink is wedgies. I love receiving them and watching people get them. In my ultimate fantasy, my boyfriend and I are in his living room and no one is home. He bends me over the couch and pulls down my pants, exposing just my pale blue silk panties. He pins my hands down and whispers in my ear that I’ve been bad and that he needs to punish me. Then he pulls my panties up hard and I feel the silk glide against my clit and wet pussy, the fabric bunching up around my asshole. He spanks my bare ass, as the silk that once covered it is pulled farther and farther up. I let out a moan of both pleasure and pain. He sees how much I’m enjoying it and he starts to play with my clit over my panties all while still wedgieing me. His non wedgieing hand alternates between spanking me, fingering me and playing with my nipple. My back arches as my panties are pulled higher and higher to the point where they almost rip. Just when I think I can’t take it anymore, his two roommates, one man and one woman enter through the front door. I am embarrassed and aroused and want to keep going till I can cum even though they're there. The two of them look at us and decide to join in on the fun. The male roommate reaches into my boyfriends pants and wedgies him so hard that he is lifted off of the ground. The female roommate comes towards me, puts her fingers in my dripping wet pussy, takes them out, then puts them in my mouth so I can taste myself. I turn her around and spank her over her pants. I try to wedgie her but when I pull her pants down I realize she’s wearing no underwear. I lay her down on the couch and start to eat her out on all fours. The male roommate picks my boyfriend up by his underwear and sets him down right behind me. My boyfriend pulls down my sopping wet panties, and puts his face between my cheeks. He eats my ass while gets spanked and wedgied by his male roommate. When it’s all done, we roll a joint and smoke together while watching tv. I’m cuddled up with my boyfriend and he massages my ass and kisses my shoulders.