Watching The Couchsurfer

A Sexual Fantasy

— By Eros Lex

My fantasy starts like this...I'm in my home sitting down watching The Couchsurfer on the big screen in my living room. It's a few minutes in when all of the sudden the film stops and begins to buffer. As I get up to try and fix it, my doorbell rings. When I open the door I can't believe who's standing right in front of me, It's Misha Cross. I'm speechless. She tells me that her car broke down and her phone died and asks if she can use my phone. I say yes and let her in. I sit on my couch nervously as she makes her call. After she's done she thanks me and in that moment the buffering on my TV stops and it catches her attention. She jokingly says, "Oh my god, I recognize this actress!" and she turns to look at me with a grin. I blush, this is surreal. She sits on my couch and watches for a while. She turns and looks at me, but says nothing. She alternates between looking at me and the film. Then she asks me, "Have you masturbated to me?" After a pause I say yes. She stands up and comes to me. She asks if she can touch me, I say yes. She pulls down my clothes and begins to touch me. She looks at me and says, don't look at me, look at the film, so I do. This is incredible. After a while she returns to my couch and begins to masturbate to the film. She's naked and she's on my couch masturbating to herself on The Couchsurfer. I'm unsure if this is real life. After a while, the movie ends. She puts back on her clothing and I do the same. She turns to me and says, "That was a wonderful and unique moment, thank you." and I reply, "The Best things in life are meant to be shared." She leans in for a hug and we embrace for a while and then disengage. She leaves and I can't believe what just happened.