Watching My Wife Get a Lapdance

A Sexual Fantasy

— By 743allen

I really want to take her to a strip club. I love watching dirty movies together, not so much because I like the movies themselves, but I like sharing our observations and knowing she's getting turned on; I love feeling her get damp when we watch together. I love how it's all drawn out over time, building up slowly to a sexual crescendo.
In my fantasy, we go to a nice, high end club together. The music throbs. It's a fully nude place, with expensive high end liquor. She's dressed sexy. Short skirt, nothing underneath. Cleavage. We take a seat near the stage. Dancers come, writhing suggestively in front of us. "She has a nice ass," she says. "I like her nipples, but she'd look better if she wasn't completely waxed. Still, I'd like to watch her lick you," I say.
A sexy blonde with nice curves steps up on stage in front of us. She moves hypnotically, sensually. The young lady is dancing for just us, but she has locked eyes on her, not me. I can tell she's genuinely turned on, dancing for my wife. She's visibly damp, and twisting her own nipples. My wife is mesmerized; is she turned on by this sexy dancer too?
My wife breaks her gaze with the naked dancer and turns toward me, leans in, and whispers to me. She wants some cash to tip the naked performer. I hand her several bills. The dancer sees this, and turns her back on us, bending over with her hands on her knees, writhing her ass and bare pussy lips close to my wife's face. My wife smiles, slipping a $20 in the girl's garter. "I think I'd like a lap dance with this one," she tells me. "And I want you to watch".