watching me, watching you

A Sexual Fantasy

— By gguesswho

it's night

and we've been lying there naked for a few hours

but now is the time

i start touching myelf

because i can not stop myself anymore


very slowly

first on my body, just with one finger

then on my vulva, on the clitoris but not inside of the vagina

you're watching me

how i touch myself

you enjoy it

so you start touching yourself as well

we both enjoy our own fingers, our own moves, our own decisions, our own bodies

we both enjoy gazing each other in the eyes, full of lust, full of power, full of love

we'd both be ready to come

i can see it in your eyes

you can hear it from my moaning

but we stop

because my vagina wants to feel your vagina

it wants to rub my vagina on your vagina

so we do that until we both come, at the same time, fully enjoying this perfect night, our not-perfect but so perfect bodies, our company, our decisions, our power, our love