Watch me in the shower

A Sexual Fantasy

— By Nelson

Home from my run to an empty house. An iced water from the fridge. Stereo on loud. Stripping off as i walk to the shower. I stand and let the water gush over me washing the sweat and dust from my body. Steam fills the air. I so slowly begin to soap myself allowing myself to luxuriate in the warm water, letting my hands explore and enjoy my own body, trace the lines of water down my chest, over my hips, down my thighs. I soap myself and explore more, teasing myself giving myself to my pleasure.

I begin to masturbate taking myself to the edge and stopping then starting again. I am lost in my own pleasure.

The faintest of noises catches me. Through the steam i see you, still in your work clothes looking intently at me. Your skirt is pulled up, legs spread, thong pulled to one side. Your blouse is partly unbuttoned a hand inside your bra. Your other hand is rhythmically moving between your thighs. There is real concentration on your face as you pleasure yourself. You have clearly been watching a while.

Pretending not to see you I resume masturbating enjoying bring myself to the edge yet again as I watch you watching me. Watch you shudder in pleasure.

Finally you speak. 'Don't cum yet. I want you to fuck me.'