She wanted me to stalk her.

A Sexual Fantasy

— By xxjzakxx

I have this fantasy....that almost became a reality but didn't. I do though wish that is would have.

I knew a lady we met online she was older than me but very sexual and naughty. We really hit it off with each other. She lived in a town several hours from me and I was only working in that town a few days a month. I actually made the choice to come see her not for work but for her.

She came up with this idea. She was separated and going through a nasty divorce. She didn't want anyone to know that she was meeting other men.

She was going to text me the location of the restaurant she was having lunch with her friend. She wanted me to watch her across the room and eye her like she was my prey. When she was ready to leave the restaurant I was to follow her in my car but not to make it obvious. I was to park down the street once she got home. She said to come through the back door as she would "on accident" leave it unlocked.

She told me then that I would have to find her in her house and that if I did I could do whatever I wanted to her. This would have been the first time we would have met.

I still think about this fantasy even though it's been a long time and I have no contact with her anymore.