I Want You to Eat Cake

A Sexual Fantasy

— By Sploshfan

After sex I ask “do you have a kink...some secret you’ve never shared?" He smiles. “Yes. But that’s for another day. It’s too naughty.” This drives me wild and every night I beg him to tell. One day he meets me at the front door and we kiss. His heart pounds. Leading me to the bedroom, he’s laid out some clothes: a little top, short loose skirt, white lacy panties, stockings. “Put them on and come to the kitchen” he says breathlessly. My adrenaline races. What has he in store for me? I walk slowly to the kitchen and to my surprise two bar stools stand in the middle of the floor, a table between them. On the floor, trifles, cakes, jugs of custard and chocolate, pies. Wearing just his shorts he says “we’re going to play a game. The winner of each round can do whatever they want”. Now my heart races...surely he doesn’t mean...? We sit on the stools and play a card game we both know. I can barely concentrate...and lose, both horrified and excited at what might happen. “Stand up” he says biting his lip. He removes my skirt and runs his thumb inside the top of my panties. Picking up a large trifle, he holds them open and slowly pours. I squeal as the cream and custard hit my clit and the fruit and sponge land firmly in my crotch. Slowly he pulls the panties up my crack and the trifle drips down my legs. So cold, gooey...so fucking naughty. Then I win and he moans as I pour warm chocolate into his shorts and massage his cock through the material. Over and over we play; he drenches my hair in custard, I pie him in the face. He rubs chocolate into my bare breasts. The final game and suddenly he’s tense, badly wanting to win. He does and slowly removes my panties. He takes 2 deep cakes with cream, fruit and chocolate and layers them upon my stool. “Spread your legs and sit down slowly”. I can’t believe I’m doing it but it feels amazing. He kneels behind, stroking himself as I grind my hips, destroying the cakes. He grabs what’s left and spreads it all over my ass, my pussy. He starts to eat me out...and we fuck on the floor.