I Want to Feel All That I Can Feel

A Sexual Fantasy

— By I don't have one =(

When I found your website I was touched. I've never had an orgasm. I feel horny all the time and I try to touch myself to feel more and it just goes away... I've had boyfriends and girlfriends and they all gave me lots of pleasure when we were making out, but when the time comes to get naked and do it, it just goes away... My biggest fantasy is to hire a professional. A boy or a girl who knows what's he or she is doing. Someone who can teach me all the steps to pleasure myself while doing it... Someone that I don't have to care about giving pleasure in return. Someone who's there just for me. I live alone, I have my own business and work from my home office. Here in Brazil it would be very dangerous for a girl like me to hire someone like that... So, there it is. My story. A horny young woman who just wants to feel all that my body can feel.