Waking up Alone

A Sexual Fantasy

— By April May

It's been a few years that I've been thinking of this and it seems to come from feelings I've never been able to express to someone that just disappeared from my life. It's a sexual fantasy, yes, but also very emotional because it involves someone that knew me better than I knew myself. He come into my life and the emotions we shared were never translated into sex. I close my eyes and think of his face. I feel is breath behind me and no I'll never get the chance to turn around and look at him in the eyes because I don't need to see him to feel him. He'd start by bending me over to kiss the inner part of my thigh and then proceed to blindfold me to carry me over to a bed and lay me on my back so he could just make me orgasm over and over with his mouth, the same mouth that used words to enter me long before he actually could. There's nothing he wants from me but my own pleasure and to hear me whisper his name. He then proceeds to enter me and my legs wrap around him almost consuming him nothing too rough just slow deep movements and I feel the weight of his tall figure. In a strange way it's a fantasy about having sex with someone who I did not get to have sex with but at the same time if I did it would have become like a drug. He moves the right way and says the perfect things and knows how to make me squirm in all the good ways. The sex always ends with an orgasm from him guiding me riding him on the bed and then it ends with a caress and a then out of nowhere I feel a woman's embrace and it's still the same person but now he is this strong beautiful woman. The blindfold comes off and I stare into her eyes as my fingers embrace her and enter her and I start to lean in closer to get a taste. I touch myself with her still juices dancing in my mouth and as she reaches her peak I move closer to mine. I don't stop staring at her expressions and my observation of her orgasm makes me orgasm again and the scene ends with more embrace and kissing and finally I drift into sleep and then I wake up to the morning sun alone.