Wake Up and Catch Me

A Sexual Fantasy

— By Sheera

"Come on, we have to wake early to finish our work" Juliet says climbing into her bed. I'm not ready to sleep.
My phone vibrates between my legs, it's a message from Edward, he says "Good night my beauty, I'll be home tomorrow, I'm glad you're not alone. x" I take my phone with me to get ready for bed, in the bathroom, I send a picture to Edward "Goodnight my love".

When I get back to the room Juliet is asleep. Call from Edward. He compliments my picture and we start to speak. He drops a few words in his beautiful Spanish mother tongue, his velvet voice speaking softly in my ear.
I can never resist when he speaks to me like that, I start playing with my nipples. They're hard under my pajamas. He knows what he's doing to me, he knows I can't resist. With every deepening breath he takes me further.

I'm so worried that Juliet will wake up and turn around and see me with my underwear discarded on the floor.

I feel myself dripping between my thighs, dripping onto my bed. I keep glancing at Juliet, almost daring her to wake and find me in this position, fingering myself, red in the face.

I can hear Edward on the other end of the line, he calls me "mi Reina", pulling me back to the sex. The excitement is amazing.

She doesn't wake, she just lies there asleep. My orgasm is overwhelming but I think what added to it was that I imagined her joining in if she woke up. I did catch her eyes lingering on me for a second too long today.