A Sexual Fantasy

— By Lars nicht von Trier

There are always some really Kinky vibrations when i get tattooed, for me it is all about vulnerability, Trust and masochism. I mean, think about it, you fully give your trust and in a way control over your body to a person you sometimes barely know but you adore for their Art. Than you willfully allow that Person to hurt you for a period that could last for several hours, and you share a great intimacy in that time, because you are really close in a tiny room. You are in great pain, but he talks you through it and calms you down. Also The Tattoo maybe has a deep personal meaning, it is in any case a very special moment for you, and so you maybe trust him an intimate detail about your past in this intense moment of vulnerability. You are really connected because he is continuously penetrating your skin with The needle, you can feel the vibration of the machine through the lounger (You know one of these sexy black leather ones they tend to have in Tattoo Studios), he cheers you up and smiles at you when he wipes away your blood with kitchen paper. Only Half an hour to go. The sexual tension is by now undeniable and graspable.

You get so turned on by the pain that you're starting to really get wet. You want to hide your arousal still, but somehow you can tell by his eyes that he is noticing something. You are alone in the studio, it is dark outside and everybody left already. He is extremely hot, you can't control your fantasy anymore and you desperately want to fuck his skinny sexy booty. You have been sweating from the pain, and so both of you can sense your gorgeous aroma that mixes with the fragrance of your pussy juices. It is no secret anymore that both of you are extremely heated. The tattoo is done. It is on your thigh, and as he lotions the Tattoo with vaseline, his touch is suspiciously gentle and lovingly. When he is done he lets his hand rest on your thigh, looks up, and looks deep inside your eyes...there is no holding back anymore, like wild animals you desperately start to make out. One thing leads to another and your having the most passionate fuck on the Tattoo lounger. In the middle of the action you instinctively grab the vaseline and start to lotion his asshole, so you can start fingering it lustfully.