Vanilla Rum Raisin Ice Cream

A Sexual Fantasy

— By Mochi23

I met him 2 years ago on some random sex chat room and until now he's been my little secret. We're not the dating kind nor the booty call kind, more like friends with benefits. I have feelings for him but considering the distance and everything else, I had to follow the right direction and not go there. We talked about it, but I just can't help it. I still fell for him. Not only do we match personality-wise, I also can bare myself literally and figuratively when I'm with him, ditching this social justice warrior shell for a minute and submitting to his domination. Actually if it were up to me, I wouldn't want him to be a secret anymore. I imagine if we became a couple, we'd be the deceiving kind, like the rum-raisin flavored ice cream: vanilla on the outside, a touch of alcohol on the inside. He's all kinds of cute, you know, the kind that I'll introduce proudly to my friends at a wedding, but sneak out to fuck secretly in one of the rooms or toilet or whatever. I'd invite him to my family gathering. My parents would love him, especially my dad. They'd speak in German, my dad would be reminiscing about his youth there, and my mom would compliment on how good looking he is, and later while they're too busy talking to other relatives and preparing dessert, I'd take him to my room or the balcony, pull off his pants and suck him off. He'd tell me to bend over, call me all the dirty names, thrusting himself in and out while slapping my ass. I imagine we'd have this minimalist Scandinavian style apartment/studio that people would think of as stylish enough for a designer couple, but in one of those storage boxes sitting on that Ikea shelving, lie all kinds of nasty toys and bondage materials we like to play with. Oh and God forbid the clients know how we use our working desk, we'd make sure it had some added values.