Vampire Master

A Sexual Fantasy

— By wryter13

I love vampires. I flip through youtube clips about vampires biting their victims and try to imagine it going further. I've even developed a blood fetish from it. Or there's one scene from True Blood that turns out to be a daydream about a threesome with Bill and Eric both biting Sookie, but they blacked out when I wanted to see more. I'm absolutely in love with Eric. They kissed her together, then sunk their fangs into her… Hottest scene ever.

I daydream all the time about a powerful, pale, fanged man who literally needs me to survive. Who turns 'feeding' into a sensual, BDSM experience that leaves me breathless as well as helpless. I go to him and he overwhelms me with kisses, passion, caressing, then slowly turns rougher, battling between lust and bloodlust. He holds me against the wall, his fangs close to my skin, and I can feel him breathing against me. He plays with me, strips my clothes, and makes me want to beg for more. He blends soft with hard as he ties me down, leaving me completely vulnerable to him as he indulges in inflicting a little pain – a whip, candle wax, clamps, his nails - before his delicate fangs slip into my neck and he takes his meal. Then he ravishes my body, and when he kisses me I can taste my life giving blood on his lips.