V from "ex-Virgin"

A Sexual Fantasy

— By A

I just moved and my neighbour is an older male, in his early fifties? I'm guessing. Very handsome man, aged so well. We always bump into each other when he's walking his dog around the neighbourhood. He's such a charming man. After talking to him a couple of times, I started fantasising about losing my virginity to him. In my fantasy I'm walking home from the busstop and we walk into each other again, he invites me over for coffee and I say; yes. We get to talking and there is instant sexual chemistry. He makes a move but I'm hesitant since it's my first time. I let him know that it is, so he starts off really gentle, a lot of kissing and licking. He takes my clothes off really gentle and makes sure I'm comfortable. As soon as I get to that point, he gets rough, more aggressive. He fucks me senseless and leaves me without words just lying on his bed. I'll never forget "my first time".