Using Me, Using You

A Sexual Fantasy

— By LeMuru Muru

My wife and I have the most peculiar agreement. We have decided to keep our bodies always available for each other's satisfaction. As long as we are at home, at any time, whatever they are doing, we can grab the other and use them as we please.

It was quite innocent at first. Once, as she was folding some laundry, I slid my hand under her shirt and cupped her breasts and her crotch from behind, while rubbing myself against her buttocks. I finished all over her clothes. She pretended that nothing happened.

Another time, I was standing at our kitchen counter, preparing dinner, and she pulled down my pants, sucked me off for a while and when I was hard enough, she turned around, impaled herself on me under the table and rocked her body until her moans were louder than the chopping of vegetables. When she came, she almost tripped me and I nearly cut my finger with the kitchen knife.

That's when it became interesting. We were having a couple of friends over for dinner. We were sitting around a few drinks in our living room, us on our sofa, and them on two chairs pulled next to the low table. The conversation was OK, but I had something else in mind. I gently pushed my wife until she lied down on her side on the sofa, lifted her skirt and pulled her panties aside. She tried to keep her conversation going as I was eating her out, but I could hear her voice falter once in a while. Our guests seemed surprised, but I guess they didn't dare to say anything.

When she was wet enough, I lied behind her and took her without a word. There was a blank in the conversation, but my wife carried on. I suppose our friends were too polite to interject. Taken aback, they avoided eye contact with me, but kept discussing. It was quite comical, really.

When I was done, I pulled my wife's skirt back down, sat her up again, and then took a sip of my drink to cool down.

The rest of the evening was a bit boring. Our guests left without ever mentioning the elephant in the room. In fact, I have a hunch that we'll never see them again.