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A Sexual Fantasy

— By lauras28

Working in the military does mean I am in a predominantly male environment. Being a female in this situation does give you a bit of power when it comes to playing and flirting. Sometimes the sexual tension can be cut with a knife.

I remember being on exercise for three weeks in the middle of nowhere In January when the weather was frosty to say the least.

After a long day of being out on the range, we were told to pack up and settle down for the night. Being the only female, I was in my own tent. Washing was a trying exercise, as you had to heat the water and then strip off quickly so as to not freeze. My nipples were cold and hard, almost painful when I slipped a t-shirt over me to cover my nakedness.

A twig broke and I shot around to see one of the guys from my platoon. He rushed over to me to stifle my surprise.

Me: Holy Shit! What are you doing? You scared the shit out of me!!
Him giggling slightly: Shhhh!! I'm sorry
But then he stared at me in that knowing way and I just wanted to be touched.. and warm!

My breasts were so painful at this point that I groaned when he rubbed them. I remember that this isn't something we should be caught doing, or we will both be charged. His hot breathe and lips on my neck and hands running down my already warming body. I pull his kit off and feel his penis in my mouth. We move over to my camp bed forgetting the cold. He throws me urgently yet quietly onto the bed and eats me like he's been on a diet. Penetration follows and so do the groans of pure desire and need. We both smile and shush each other when we're being too loud. We cum in silence and collapse into each other. Warmer than we were before and utterly exhausted, however totally satisfied.