Universal Tongues

A Sexual Fantasy

— By Jay B.

A man is in a foreign country walking down a busy street. He sees a record store and walks inside. There are hardly any people listening to music or buying the records. He walks through the store, looking at the different sections of music. He finds a section he thinks he will like and flips through the records. From the corner of his eye he spots a woman. She too, like him, is roaming through the store, flipping through records. Immediately he is drawn to her. Finally, he turns to her and attempts to speak with her but she does not understand him. They are two people from different backgrounds, speaking different languages. The man asks the woman if he can show her some music and she is able to understand through his gestures. The man plays a record and places headphones on the woman’s ears.
The woman imagines that she is running freely through a field of tropical fruit in a her underwear. She removes her undergarments and continues to roam. She imagines resting by a tree, taking piece of the fruit and taking a bite. Juices fall to her breasts. She sees a man in the distance, also roaming in the nude. Her eyes rest on his chest, his arms, his cock and his legs. He walks near her and they kiss. He places her onto the ground and just as the fruit is full of juices, so is between her legs.
Suddenly, the man removes the headphones. The woman opens her eyes. She walks over to a different section and plays a record. She places a pair of headphones on his head. He closes his eyes and similarly he is taken to a world in his mind. He imagines that he is strapped down to a bed. On the other side of the room is the woman. She plays with herself. The man becomes increasingly aroused. The woman walks over to him and sits on his face.
As she removes the headphones the man opens his eyes. They are both aroused. They are now in bed together. This time there is no music, just the sound of his tongue against parts of her body and her mouth and his body. They moan and mumble words of pleasure in their own languages.