A veiled head between his legs

A Sexual Fantasy

— By jasmina

I met a very nice IT guy from Indonesia on a company party. He didn't drink, he was educated, courteous and pretty much the man you want to introduce your parents to. He was here for couple of weeks and we began to meet now and then. I didn't even mind the fact that there was no physical contact between us, it was a nice change of pace from usual kiss-bang bang model of dating.

Then one day he told me he'd love to visit him back home, but he was a little anxious. He explained that his family is very conservative in terms of religion, and if he was to introduce me they would expect me to wear a headscarf and so on. I told him that I'll think about it and he shouldn't worry that much.

Once I got back home I went straight away to googling "indonesia women dress islamic". Thanks to the wonders of Chinese e-commerce, one week later I was ready. I dressed up as a proper Muslim lady, but I didn't skip on the make-up and YSL. I turned up at his door hoping I didn't just screw this up.

When he opened the door and saw me, he was shocked for a split second, but before I could blush and explain myself, he was kissing me. Then he guided my veiled head between his legs. I sucked his penis like crazy. He didn't even bother to undress me, he just set me against the table, pulled my dress up and fucked me like I was never fucked before.

As we recovered, he explained to me that the modest Islamic clothing, all those jilbabs and abayas and cute silks just turn him on like crazy, having exactly the opposite effect than intended. He apologised for taking me so hard and fast, but it just turned out I was his ultimate fantasy. I didn't mind, it was the single best sex of my life, and boy did I have some.

I'm flying to meet his folks next week. I'll be sitting there, wearing my headscarf and veil, smiling nicely for everybody, and once the lights go out his family will be happy to know he has a modest girlfriend, he'll have his cocked sucked by his fetish come true, and I'll just enjoy the hell out of everything.