Unfaithfully Faithful

A Sexual Fantasy

— By Tabooman

Angela and Robert: Middle aged couples. Angela is busty with jet black hair. William is their neighbor. And Robert's childhood friend. He has lost his wife in an accident six months ago. Missing her very much. Robert encourages him to be wth them to overcome that. One day Robert could not return home in time to take him to the movie he has booked two tickets.

Suggests Angela to take William to the movie instsead.

Movie: Unfaithful. Scene: Diane Lane tells Martinez goodbye in an apparent termination of their extra marital affair. But Martinez follows, and hugs her violently from behind. Make intense love, with active deisre of Lane too.

William, by instinct clasps the hand of Angela. No resistance. Both excited. She expects his hand to creep over her thighs. And he expects her to reach for his hard on. Neither happens.

After one week, Robert goes to New York on a business trip. Before going to bed, Angela goes to William's Apartment, to borrow his book, Anna Karenina. But to her surprise, she finds him sobbing in his bed. Sits by his side in his bed and consoles him. His face over her breasts. Sparks fly. He asks her not to leave. As Robert is not home, she also decides to go only in the morning. Robert sleeps. Angela finds one flimsy designer night gown there in that woman's wardrobe. Wears it, to go to sleep. Again hears sounds of sobbing. Goes into his bed room and consoles him hugging him slightly. Affectionate. She kisses him on his forehead. He reciprocates. Continues. When he kisses one of her breasts, she realises, it is his wife's night gown, and she wore nothing underneath. She herself wonders when she unbuttons the top and feeds her breast to his lips. His hand reaches between her thighs. Wet. Hikes it. Intense love making follows. When he comes inside her. After several seconds, rolls on his side. She says that she never cheated on Robert, but this was OK. 6. AM. She has to leave... But she mulls over the incredible orgasm she had that night. Nudges against William. He wakes up. Now they fuck again. Multiple orgasms.