Under Cum-struction

A Sexual Fantasy

— By dani

I work as a project manager for a construction company and as part of my role, I'm required to attend onsite meetings with other traders. Nine times out of ten, I'm the only woman in the room, which by default means that I have all the men's attention. However, the dynamic shifts when another woman is in the room to where both of our attention is more drawn to each other, rather than evenly distributed amongst the other meeting attendees. My sexual orientation is bi, but I tend to lean more towards preferring women. At times, I've fantasized of taking those exchanges as an invitation to initiate a sexual exchange... something like the two of us "getting lost" on the group walk-through of the building, finding a corner and going at it. Something sweet, slightly clumsy & fun (having to take off all our safety equipment), and yet intense; driven by passion and the rush of possibly getting caught.