Undead in the Dark

A Sexual Fantasy

— By Daria

I've had for the longest time a vision of exploring an abandoned home. I find inside that zombies had become alive and started shuffling towards me from every corner of the house, wishing to shove their cold, corrupted selves inside me... I escape to the restroom and turn on the light, but I then see a freshly dead male corpse sitting on the toilet, who turns his head towards me to stand on his two legs, moaning and shuffling towards me with his trousers down and dick fully erect. I turn back only to be confronted with a white-eyed corpse, who grabs me and slides in his dick into my vagina as the other zombie in the bathroom makes it over to me and forces his dick up my anus. Their eventual ejaculation slowly turns me into one of them, rotting and impure, ready to corrupt another human.