A Sexual Fantasy

— By Mirko

A girl, her boyfriend, two different cities. One evening as she goes to bed he starts sexting her, telling her everything that he would do to her if he were there with her in that very moment: caress her body, from neck to toes, undress her, driving her crazy with a sexy massage, and, yes, eventually fuck her. She starts hearing his voice reading the messages, and feels his hands on her body - though she's almost unaware that it's HER hands that are touching herself, doing exactly everything he writes, maybe with the help of some toy for the penetration part. As she awaits aroused for each new message (that is each new chapter of her dream, each new instruction on what to do) she stares at that single word on her phone, "typing....", knowing the next message is about to come...The scene alternates dream (she with him) and reality (she alone).