Two Strangers in Barcelona

A Sexual Fantasy

— By Alex

A summer night in Barcelona, a rather common looking Greek tourist is sitting in a cosy bar drinking with his friends. At a table behind him, a high powered and intellectual is having a small party in the company of other beautiful artist friends, men and women. He knows nothing about her, he's never seen her before, but her looks and manners have attracted his attention. He wants to speak to her but he can't. Speaking to unknown women isn't his style. Or, to be more exact, no one ever taught him how to do it and he's way too shy to try. All the relationships he had in the past were with girls that he knew long before, or someone introduced them to him. But this woman sitting behind him has something that attracts him immensely. But he doesn't dare make a single step towards her. He feels that if he doesn't do something, he'll regret it for the rest of his life. He finally decides to make a move. He moves towards her table and he says to her... (just think of the worst thing someone who's attracted to you could've told you to get your attention). Her friends laugh at him. She feels uncomfortable but something inside her head is telling her that this poor man has something. Strangely, she feels attracted to him. They start to talk and hours are passing without either of them realising it. They end up in bed. They spend the night having passionate sex. Not hardcore, strong sex. Sensual sex, full of emotions. In the morning they dress and say goodbye with a kiss. They will never meet again. But this night will be remembered forever by both of them.