How I turned to be a Used Panties seller

A Sexual Fantasy

— By CamillaBelvedere

While studying for an exam, I was with a girlfriend wearing a large wool dress that wrapped me close down to my knees. I had no panties on. The washing machine was broken. As I sat on the sofa with my legs apart, my friend noticed the naked flesh under my skirt. When she asked, I explained my laundry situation. She immediately suggested that I knock on my neighbor’s door and to ask him for a favor. He was a modern Cary Grant; a charming, quiet man who very gently welcomed us in. The hamper I brought with me was full of used panties: thongs, skirts and old-fashioned panties. The intense smell of all my used panties embarrassed me. I blushed, but he smiled at me and our sexy game of neighbor favors started to loosen me up. He was handsome and I had no panties on, this was sure to be interesting. A few hours later I went back to his place to take back my underwear. While folding away my panties in my wardrobe, I noticed a slip of paper in the hamper. He wrote me a message: “I took two panties for myself. I didn’t wash them so they’d still have your taste.” At first, I laughed at his words but then I got intrigued. What he did got me wet and fantasizing. I started leaving a pair of used panties in his mail box each month. After awhile of leaving him his sexy gifts, we decided to define some rules: how many days I had to wear panties, in which time of the month, and what kind of panties he wanted me to wear. My naughty game was turning into an interesting affair. After selling my panties for awhile, I realized that it’s time to take my business that’ll have me hitting the jackpot to the streets. My jewel is ready to rub off 100% Italian flavor on the panties of your dreams!