Try Not to Spill

A Sexual Fantasy

— By Francesco27

Maia is a receptionist at the top management floor of my company. She is Brazilian and beautiful: not very tall but perfect in her slim body, with long hair, dark eyes and a fantastic ass. Maia is extremely sexy on her own, but you can imagine how she looks like in high heels and the uniform she has to wear for her job. Any time I see her when I am on the top floor I dream of bending her over on her desk and taking her from behind. My blood immediately flows into my cock whenever I meet her, while the nastiest fantasies are triggered… It happened a few days ago when I saw her profile on Facebook, as a recommended new acquaintance. I sent an invitation and, with much surprise, she immediately accepted and we started chatting. Over time, our chats became more and more intriguing, so I finally dared to invite her out for a drink. We went to a nice pub and from the first second she was a Goddess: short black dress, high heel sandals, a BEAUTIFUL body and a wonderful smile. The first time I saw her, she was on a stage pretending to dance. I would have fucked her in front of everyone, and I am sure everyone else in the pub would have done the same. We spent a very pleasant night together, chatting and laughing. She was not just good looking, she was entirely amazing! I could not help but touch her, and I started taking her hands, and touching her arms and legs… Finally, it was time to go. I called a taxi and we got in when it arrived. We were sitting next to each other, very close, and we started touching and getting excited. It didn’t take too long before she took it out of my trousers and started jerking me off. She was stroking my cock like no girl had ever done before. And soon afterwards she bent over me and kissed my cock. She licked it and after few seconds it was entirely in her mouth. I took my cock out of her to cum, but suddenly I heard the taxi driver’s voice: “Please don’t spoil my car’s seats. Milady, please swallow!”.